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List and geographical position of level crossings

This dataset includes the geographical position of level crossings in service at intersections between public roads and the Infrabel network.

It means:

  • On the Infrabel network: not all level crossings are on Infrabel’s network. The level crossings of tourist lines, certain intersections in port areas, ... are managed by other parties.
  • Public level crossings: The level crossings in this list are located on public roads. You will not find crossings that can only be used by certain authorised persons.

Crossing the tracks by car, bicycle or on foot always involves a risk, as it is impossible for a train to brake quickly. The best way to avoid accidents at railway crossings is to remove physical crossings between the tracks and the road. That is why Infrabel wants to replace as many level crossings as possible by a bridge, tunnel, parallel track or cycle path.

Important note : this dataset does not mention the temporary desactivations of level crossings. Moreover, this list is currently updated quarterly. As Infrabel removes level crossings every year, it is possible that some crossings in this list have been removed in the meantime.

Did you know this?

There are different types of signalling for level crossings, these categories are included in the dataset.

  • Passive signalling: the cross is present but neither the light sign nor the barrier indicates the passage of a train.
  • Active signalling: lights warns road users of the arrival of a train.
  • Half barrier: the barrier system, located on both sides of the tracks, partially closes the roadway.
  • Complete barrier: the barrier system, located on both sides of the railway tracks, completely closes the roadway.

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