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Engineering structures by type and area

Evolution per year of the number of engineering structures managed by Infrabel, by type and area since 2012.

By civil engineering structures, we understand crossing, support and protection structures, in the field of civil construction engineering, necessary for the establishment of tracks and their platforms or made necessary by this establishment.

Types of engineering structures and description:

Underpass (railway bridge)
A civil engineering structure with an opening greater than or equal to 2m allowing the passage of one or more railway lines and for which the crossing track is at a lower level than the railway track.
Overpass (Road Bridge)
A structure intended for motor or rail traffic with a length of less than 100 m and for which the cross-traffic lane is at a higher level than the railway track.
Pedestrian tunnel
Underpass reserved exclusively for non-motorised users.
Overpass reserved exclusively for non-motorised users.
Small work with an opening greater than or equal to 60 cm and not reaching more than 2 m.
Small work with an opening greater than or equal to 30 cm and less than 60 cm.
Overpass with a length greater than or equal to 100 m.
Retaining wall
Wall, screen or wall that has a supporting function, i.e. the level of the ground is different on either side of the wall. Anchored embankments are also included in this type.
Rock face
A geological formation such that its nature allows much greater slope angles than normal slopes in loose ground. Due to this configuration, the rock face is likely to be subject to landslides with the risk of rock falling onto the railway platform. A rock face may or may not be reinforced depending on whether or not it has been reinforced to guarantee its stability.
Acoustic barrier
A wall, screen or wall along the tracks that has only an acoustic function to reduce noise pollution due to the passage of trains.
Storm basin
Volume available for water storage to prevent flooding of the protected infrastructure in the event of a storm or flooding.

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