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Railway line sections

Segmentation of the rail network according to the characteristics of the infrastructure and the possibilities of operation. This list includes the route and technical characteristics of the line sections.

Important note:

  • These data are to be associated with the data set of the network's Operational points.. It geolocates the start and end points of the sections whose identifiers and abbreviations are given in this dataset.
  • These data are intended to allow schematic representations of the Belgian rail network (i.e. for a maximum scale of 1/25 000). For a more precise geolocation of the main tracks, we recommend the following dataset: List and geographical position of the main tracks.

These data are also published in the European Register of Infrastructure (RINF)

This dataset mainly contains the technical characteristics of the line sections in terms of gauge, electrical installation and the type of rail traffic allowed. The codes used are listed and explained in the following reference documents:

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