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Trespassing or track walking is the presence of unauthorized persons walking on or near the tracks. These people are often unaware of the danger to life. In addition, trespassers cause enormous delays: 140,312 minutes a year, or more than 6 hours a day on average. However, the rules are simple: the railway domain is a forbidden zone!

Infrabel is fully dedicated to securing the most sensitive points and developing preventive measures:

  • Obstacle mats make it practically impossible to cross the tracks.
  • We install natural or artificial fencing around sensitive areas.
  • Prohibition signs at the edge of the platform also have a deterrent effect.
  • We are placing more and more cameras along the tracks to detect intruders.
  • We also develop awareness-raising campaigns to encourage the general public to change their behavior along the lanes.

Intrusions on the tracks are among the precursors of security that are closely monitored to assess the safety of the railway network. More info in the dedicated dataset.

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