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Monthly raw punctuality data files

Monthly files of raw data about arrival and departure of passenger trains (domestic and international) at their stopping points, over a day and by train number since January 2014.

Delays are given in seconds. Negative delays represent a sooner-than-planned departure or arrival at the stopping point.

The columns labels are explained hereunder. The structure is the same as in our daily dataset.

  • DATDEP - Date of departure
  • TRAIN_NO - Train number
  • RELATION - Relation
  • TRAIN_SERV - Railway operator
  • PTCAR_NO - Measuring point number
  • LINE_NO_DEP - Departure line
  • REAL_TIME_ARR - Actual arrival time
  • REAL_TIME_DEP - Actual departure time
  • PLANNED_TIME_ARR - Planned arrival time
  • PLANNED_TIME_DEP - Planned departure time
  • DELAY_ARR - Delay at arrival
  • DELAY_DEP - Delay at departure
  • RELATION_DIRECTION - Relation direction
  • PTCAR_LG_NM_NL - Stopping place
  • LINE_NO_ARR - Arrival line
  • PLANNED_DATE_ARR - Planned arrival date
  • PLANNED_DATE_DEP - Planned departure date
  • REAL_DATE_ARR - Actual arrival date
  • REAL_DATE_DEP - Actual departure date

Dataset schema

JSON Schema

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